To share my experience with Regis, I must first say that I am someone who is very skeptical and critical of methods that seem like miracles. I have studied psychology and undergone therapy. I have tried various alternative methods to feel better in my body, less depressed and anxious, but the results weren’t there, probably because of my knowledge about the power of believing in things we invest certain virtues in (which explains the placebo effect, for example).

Anyway, I still wanted to try something with Regis on the advice of a friend who seemed convinced that he could really help me. We spoke once on Skype, and I only felt a sense of relief from confiding in someone, which I already knew, but nothing more, really. I still had that constant tightness in my chest, which had intensified since I moved abroad. We then agreed on a second session, where the result was the same. I remember thinking to myself, repeatedly, “But come on, you know that miracle methods don’t exist. How could someone talking to you on Skype remove that strong feeling that has been with you for so many years?” I felt foolish and thought I should ask him for my money back. He regularly checked in on me, and once, when I was feeling very anxious and depressed, he suggested trying again. He didn’t give up! It bothered me, but I still agreed to talk to him.

At the end of our conversation, where I cried a lot and we addressed a topic I wouldn’t have thought of, I got up, still skeptical, and went to the kitchen. I had never felt so light; I felt like I was going to float away. In the following days, I continued to feel this sensation, as if that pressure on my heart had finally been lifted. It was so light! It was truly a physical sensation, and I knew that something had happened, but I still doubted the duration of this feeling. I can say today, more than 6 months after that conversation, that I have never felt that anxiety, that feeling of being in a dark abyss, and that depression again. Yes, I can still be sad and scared, but I have never again experienced what I used to feel almost every day, that debilitating feeling that made me so sensitive to the slightest upset and easily hurt by the people around me. It’s incredible; I can’t really explain it. I’m just convinced of the change that has occurred in me, which has simplified my daily life so much.

Thank you, Regis, for not giving up on me. I have never known a therapist so dedicated to the well-being of their patients. I am so grateful for what he has done for me. It feels good to feel emotionally « normal.”