Individual Session

Deep healing on all dimensions of being.
This type of session soothes emotions, improves relationships, and restores areas of life to their proper place.
Quantum “medicine” gradually shapes the individual by releasing and purifying the various burdens of our history, allowing our qualities of light and heart to shine.


A human being is primarily a consciousness that “inhabits” a physical body “surrounded” by six layers (subtle bodies). Within these seven bodies, all the memories that our soul has experienced (karmic, present, and transgenerational) are stored.

These memories resonate with the outside world and create our reality and emotional state. In order to achieve profound and lasting change in our lives, we must heal problems at their roots and in their entirety, specifically within the subtle bodies governed by the laws of quantum physics. his necessitates a therapist with sensitivity and access to the quantum dimension of being.



Professional issues

Professional issues






Family Blocking


Family Blocking


A problem manifests in four ways in our lives:
– Through emotions or pain.
– Through behaviors (impulses, addictions, lapses, habits…)
– Through relationship difficulties and conflicts.
– Through life challenges (accidents, losses, deaths, breakups, frustrations…)

More specifically, here are the most commonly treated symptoms with great success using quantum “medicine”:

  • Emotional overwhelm.
  • Sleep problems.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • Addictions, compulsions.
  • Relationship issues.
  • Traumas, breakups, grief.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Ruminations, hyperactivity.
  • Witchcraft, entities.
  • Lack of grounding.
  • Physical pain.
  • Aura repair.

Many problems are only addressed based on symptoms, which leads to temporary results.

We carry our entire history with us, consciously or unconsciously. Our life is merely a resonance of what we carry within us: our painful memories, mental mechanisms, beliefs, and transgenerational ties.

All these elements shape who we are in terms of behavior, emotional reactions to events in our lives, and physical reactions through various health issues.

Our life is merely a resonance of what we carry within us: our painful memories, mental mechanisms, beliefs, and transgenerational ties.

The only way to achieve permanent change is to address the root of the problem, whether it is conscious or unconscious.

Following my numerous journeys to Brazil and the Philippines, I have developed a sensitivity that allows me to access a person’s deep structure, their subtle bodies, where all their memories and unconscious mechanisms are stored, which hold the key to understanding why our lives are as they are today. A significant portion of our negative behaviors and emotions have their roots in a mix of repressed memories, some more distant than others, that continue to resonate with our present.

We are nothing but energy. This energetic body is composed of several layers, one of which is visible—our physical body—and the others are not (except for certain individuals), they are our subtle bodies (etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhic, atmic). Each layer houses specific types of memories.

Changes made in these bodies have a direct effect on our emotional and physical well-being, as well as the unfolding of events in our lives.

My sensitivity allows me to delve into these layers that form your history and address the root causes of the presented problem.


Plante dans une main

How does a session unfold?

There is no age limit for this type of treatment. The only requirement is consent (so no session for a father or son without their knowledge, but we are certain it will benefit them 😉 )

It also works very well with animals.

Initially, you explain your issues to me.
We discuss them briefly, and I provide my insight into what may be behind your symptoms.
Then, I ask you to lie on a massage table and allow me to work.

A part of my being takes over and enters your energetic structure to repair, transmute, and soothe whatever is accessible to me.
Sometimes, I work from two or three meters away from the table, or I directly target specific acupuncture points and nadis on the physical body to enhance energy flow.
A deep sense of calm is usually felt fairly quickly.
Your experience may vary depending on your own sensitivity.

There is never any obligation to return. It is always at your discretion. The only indicator of whether another session would be necessary to go further or not is based on your experiences within the 15 days following the session.

Remote sessions are just as effective.

How is it different from other energy practices?

My sensitivity was not acquired through formal training and does not follow any specific protocol.
It has developed gradually through my initiatory journeys spanning over 10 years. Therefore, it is incomparable to any other technique and continues to evolve regularly in sync with my personal realizations.
As my ability to raise my vibration increases and my channel of light expands, my range of healing techniques expands as well.

If you feel called to meet me, it means that I am the right person to help you at this moment.

A therapist can only actualize a change that is already present within you.

Individual Therapy Rates

In-person therapy




under 12 years old


Remote therapy rates

For phone or Skype sessions

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under 12 years old


Payment by check or bank transfer must be received before the start of the therapy. Checks will be cashed after the session.