Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Erase your pains and negative beliefs. Find a calm present.
Find a calm present.

The Quantum Therapy

Why is it called quantum therapy?

Simply because this mode of therapy works on the subtle bodies of the human being (etheric, emotional, mental, causal, buddhic, atmic) which are governed by the laws of quantum physics (not impacted by time, space, and gravity, among other things).

Who is quantum therapy intended for?

This mode of therapy is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, as long as the individual possesses subtle bodies (aura).

In what state of mind should one approach a session?

With the intention of improving one’s life (physically, emotionally, materially, relationally). The deeper your desire to evolve, the greater the scope of action will be.

How do I know if I need another session or if I should have another session?

Needing a session and having to have one are two different things. Personally, I believe that the sole purpose of our presence on Earth is to evolve. Evolution involves life experiences that make us aware of certain things so that we can overcome them and mature. So, as long as we don’t consistently live in a state of joy and inner love, regardless of the experiences we go through, there is work to be done.
Since our external life is just a reflection of our inner configuration, it is quite easy to see the work that still needs to be done. Look at your reactions to life events, your health, your inner stress level, your relationships with others, your relationship with money, your love life, and your professional life. All these elements should be harmonious.
If they’re not, it means there are still internal blockages that life is trying to show you by materializing them in front of you. Therefore, in my view, everyone could benefit from regular work. However, it’s important to consider that some problems need to be lived and experienced until they have provided us with the intended lesson. So, you can’t go faster than the music. It’s best to follow your deep feelings.
Some people have a deep inner calling that pushes them towards a significant pace of evolution. Others just need to resolve a few minor things, and the rest will have to wait until they are ready to address them.

How often can sessions be done?

There’s a 3-week integration period after each session. This period is important to allow your subtle bodies time to recover, readjust, and release everything that was worked on during the session. Once this period is over, it’s possible to have another session to remove another layer of blockages.

Why is there an integration time after a session?

A quantum therapy session affects your subtle bodies (aura), in which everything your soul has experienced during all its incarnations is stored. It’s the deepest change that can be made for your being. Therefore, a period of recovery is needed after the session so that your bodies can balance themselves in relation to their new configuration.

How many sessions do I need to feel better?

It depends on the issue and the degree of internal resistance to change.
In fact, the biggest obstacle to our evolution is the fear of change and of feeling better. When we have been unwell for a very long time, that state becomes a part of us. Removing it is perceived as an attack on our integrity, hence the internal resistance. There’s also everything that our suffering brings us as benefits (attention, money, the right not to work…) that we’re not ready to let go of. And finally, feeling well is often an unknown state, especially when suffering has been present for a very long time. The unknown often instills fear, so it’s more reassuring to stay in the known, even if it’s populated with discomfort.

How does a remote session work?

Exactly the same way as an in-person session, except we’re on the phone. Once the 5-10-minute consultation is done, I ask you to lie down and imagine yourself as if you were physically in front of me on my treatment table.

Why do remote sessions work as well as in-person sessions?

Our subtle bodies, in which our memories, beliefs, and other energetic information concerning us are stored, are governed by the laws of quantum physics. This means that time and space do not affect them. So, you can be on the other side of the universe, and if I set the intention to connect with you, we will be connected instantaneously.

Formation en Harmonisation Emotionnelle

What is Emotional Harmonization?

It is an energy that is intended, when a person feels stress or discomfort when thinking about an event in their life or a belief, to eliminate this discomfort so that immediately after, the person can think about that event or belief in complete neutrality.

Who can be initiated into Emotional Harmonization?

Everyone. Much like Reiki, I open a channel and provide access to an energy that, once triggered, will perform its cleansing work without the need for external assistance