Régis Grouard

RÉGIS GROUARD Quantum Therapy


Before delving into the details of my journey, I define myself today as an energy therapist in quantum medicine,, specializing in energetic cleaning and harmonization of living spaces, as well as a trainer in emotional harmonization and speaker.
All these roles have the common goal of bringing individuals to a greater inner harmony and overall well-being.
To reach this point, it took me over 15 years of inner work, self-reflection, and profound restructuring of my energetic being.


After a short-lived career in the corporate world in the United States, I moved to Australia. It was there that my life took a significant turn when I decided to transition from a world that never resonated with me to the world of personal development, which had been calling me since my adolescence.
In hindsight, it was evident that my choice of this new path was also motivated by a need to heal and transform myself at a deep level. At that time, I could never have imagined that this work would be so intense, with such bewildering effects.
I started my journey with more traditional practices such as hypnosis and later found myself years later in shamanic ceremonies, spiritual centers, and other sacred places around the world, all guided by my soul to undergo inner transformations that now allow me to facilitate changes in the energetic structure of individuals and spaces.


I began by training in hypnosis, NLP, and Timeline Therapy. These techniques provided me with insights into the mechanisms that govern people’s emotions and behaviors. However, I quickly realized the limitations of these therapeutic methods. My instinct told me that there was much more happening to explain why some people’s lives are so challenging on multiple levels.

A second turning point came when I met a spiritual master from Malaysia named Stephen, who answered many of my questions and initiated me into a unique energetic practice that removes any discomfort triggered by traumatic memories or beliefs. This practice proved highly effective for addressing all problems for which people knew the causes. It only took one or two sessions for assaults, traumas, breakups, grief, and other negative beliefs to become distant memories.

Having such a tool at my disposal gave me the confidence to embark on the path of a therapist. This technique, which I called “emotional harmonization,” was at the core of my practice from 2010 to 2016. However, during an initiatory journey to Brazil in 2016, my sensitivity underwent a change.

Since late 2017 (and continuing to this day), I have trained hundreds of people in emotional harmonization (more information in the training section of the website).


In 2012, I decided to return and settle in France, where I continued my practice of emotional harmonization. At the same time, I spent a lot of time working on myself and eagerly sought out various techniques or methods through distant travels to aid in my personal evolution. It was during this time that I discovered quantum medicine, which brought about an unprecedented leap in well-being and inner development. Above all, it revealed to me that emotional harmonization was just a transitional step toward a sensitivity that had always been within me, waiting to emerge. This transition occurred after one of my many journeys to a spiritual center in South America.

Upon my return, my sensitivity had increased to the point where I could access the deeply unconscious roots of issues present in the subtle bodies of individuals. I was no longer confined to addressing people’s conscious problems but had a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s soul journey (karmic, present, trans-generational memories, sorcery, and other unconscious blocking mechanisms).

In 2019, I had the opportunity to meet Filipino healers, and upon my return, my practice evolved once again.

Over the past two years (2022-2023), I have undertaken work to transform my channel, enabling me to energetically clean and harmonize living spaces, elements that play a crucial role in our inner balance.

If fifteen years ago, you had told me that in 2023 I would be a practitioner of quantum medicine for individuals and spaces, and that my profession would involve freeing people from karmic ties, sorcery, trans-generational memories, and other phenomena that are not easily explained, I would have thought you were crazy. 😉



Do you have negative emotions taking control of your life? Are past traumatic events hindering your personal growth?


During these group sessions, we will be able to address karmic, transgenerational, and other imbalances related to your current life.


Training in Emotional Harmonization, a powerful energy tool that allows you to disconnect, in just a few minutes, any discomfort (emotional pain) related to a memory or belief.


What is Emotional Harmonization?

It is an energy that is intended, when a person feels stress or discomfort when thinking about an event in their life or a belief, to eliminate this discomfort so that immediately after, the person can think about that event or belief in complete neutrality.

Why is it called quantum therapy?

Simply because this mode of therapy works on the subtle bodies of the human being (etheric, emotional, mental, causal, buddhic, atmic) which are governed by the laws of quantum physics (not impacted by time, space, and gravity, among other things).