What is my life showing about me?

This training is for those curious about the mechanisms of life. Those who feel that nothing happens by chance, that there is more to coincidences that organize our daily lives. It is also for those who are on a journey of inner exploration, shedding light on their mechanisms and understanding the causes of their different patterns and negative emotions.

Femme sur un arbre

Why this training?

For the past 15 years, I have embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing from my past. This inner adventure has led me to experience multiple liberation practices in France and around the world (Latin America, Philippines), as well as receiving teachings from masters and other individuals who are highly advanced in their own paths.

I have always had a particular interest in understanding the why and how of our own lives, as well as why we regularly attract the same challenges or types of people. In short, what forces govern our daily lives and how does life constantly put us face to face with ourselves through various processes.
Understanding these mechanisms is a vital step in quickly shedding light on what goes beyond the orchestration of life. This illumination will greatly accelerate the potential evolution and transformation of what is at play.

Régis Grouard

  • Emotional Harmonization Practitioner and Instructor,
  • Energetic Healer (Quantum Therapy),
  • Quantum Cleaning and Harmonization of Living Spaces,
  • Feng Shui Harmonization of Living Spaces,
  • Hypnotherapist,
  • Timeline Therapy Practitioner.


This training takes place over one day and will cover the basic rules that dictate our synchronicities and other events in our daily lives.

You will learn:

– How our childhood influences our present.
– How to uncover the past correlation of a present mechanism.
– How our life choices are not made by chance.
– How our internal issues manifest in daily life.
– What lies behind a conflict or a difficult relationship with someone.
– How your living environment reflects who you are.

At the end of the day, there will be a collective energy healing session to begin releasing any burdens and memories that may have surfaced throughout the day.



March 2023


April 2023


May 2023

How to register?

To register for the sessions, it is best to call me at 0622788578.


€90 per person


37 Rue d’Aguesseau
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

4 minutes walk from Boulogne Jean Jaurès metro station, line 10.