Cleaning and energetic harmonization of living spaces

(apartments, houses, plots of land…)

Our living environment is supposed to be our place of rejuvenation and well-being. Being susceptible to numerous polluting energy factors, having it cleansed is an essential action for it to fulfill its protective and regenerative role.

How do you know if your living space needs cleaning?

The most common symptoms of a polluted living space include:
– Disrupted sleep
– Physical heaviness
– Lack of energy
– Headaches
– Feeling of discomfort once at home
– Recurring conflicts and irritability
– Strange noises
– Heavy historical atmosphere of the place
– Disturbed children or pets

If your living space has never been cleaned to your knowledge, it is likely that a thorough cleaning is necessary.

Why is it important to clean our living spaces?

There are constantly energetic influences present all around us that, when repeatedly encountered, can become more or less detrimental to our emotional and physical stability. Our living space is no exception, especially considering that we spend most of our time there.
It becomes logical, especially for those who already invest a lot of effort in their personal and spiritual development, to make their living space energetically clean and harmonious.

Our living space is a projection of ourselves, an extension of our consciousness and physical body. This implies that some of our internal issues have an attachment to our living space and cannot be completely released until they are addressed in the living environment.


What types of energetic pollutants are treated during the cleaning process?

– Past memories (belonging to current and past inhabitants, the underlying land, workers, architects, and other builders of the place…)
– Emotional residues (anger, fear…)
– Telluric networks (vortices, cosmo-telluric chimneys…)
– Electromagnetic waves
– Shape-based waves
– Underground sources and faults
– Entities, sorceries…
– Pollution emanating from the surroundings

How long do the benefits last?

The majority of the cleaning work will not need to be repeated. The work related to the place’s past (memories) and the underground aspects (faults, sources, vortices…) is permanent.
However, pollution related to your daily life in your living space will accumulate over time.
will show you ways to keep your space as healthy as possible.

Plante qui pousse

Is this work related to Geobiology?

No. While we address some of the same issues as Geobiology, the approach is completely different.
Unlike Geobiology, the cleaning of your living space is done with the assistance of the forces and consciousness of the surrounding elements.

How can I benefit from this cleaning work?

Once the appointment is scheduled and the date is set, you need to be present for the energetic cleaning. The work can be done remotely or on-site, depending if you chose to also have the feng shui done.


Taking it a step further: After cleaning, harmonization (optional)

Harmonization, also known as Feng Shui, is the crucial second step (but not mandatory) to feeling good both at home and within yourself.

Your living space is a perfect reflection of yourself, from its location to its architectural form, as well as every object, color, material, and decorative choice. All these elements are connected to different aspects of your way of being (fears, behaviors, habits…).

Once the cleaning is done, a Feng Shui harmonization of your space often becomes an essential element of inner liberation.
Firstly, I will explain how the current configuration of your living space reflects your current inner state.
Secondly, I will propose possible actions for change that will facilitate harmony in your space and, most importantly, resonate within you.
Every physical change you make in your living space will have a liberating effect on you.

Pricing for remote habitat cleaning:

Living space under 100 square meters and land under one hectare:

520 Euros (including taxes)

For larger areas

Contact me.

If the work is done on-site, there will be an additional cost based on time and transportation expenses.

Pricing for habitat harmonization or Feng Shui (only on-site):

(Prerequisite: having completed an energetic cleaning of the space.)

Please contact me for a quote.