Who is this training for?

  • Are you often subject to overwhelming emotions that seem unmanageable?
  • Are you curious to understand how our past influences our present?
  • Do you regularly come into contact with emotionally unstable people without knowing what to do?
  • Have you always wanted to become a therapist or enhance your current practice with an energetic tool?
Femme sur un arbre

What is Emotional Harmonization?

Emotional Harmonization is an energetic tool that allows disconnection from the discomfort (emotional pain) associated with a memory or belief.
This unique technique, for which I am the sole trainer in France, was passed down to me in Australia in 2010. Since then, it has successfully helped hundreds of people free themselves from pain generated by traumas and other life experiences.
Its use does not require any prerequisites, sensitivities, or particular abilities.

The goal is to make you self-sufficient. However, you remain connected through a WhatsApp group for continued guidance without time limits. The training does not end on Sunday evening.

What does the Emotional Harmonization training teach you?

– The origin and management of the following issues:
discomfort, anxiety, sadness, grief, breakups, fears/phobias/vertigo.
– How to self-heal.
– How to perform distance healing.
– Teaching of initiatory grounding techniques. – Obstacles and tips for starting as a therapist.

Régis Grouard

  • Emotional Harmonization Practitioner and Instructor,
  • Energetic Healer (Quantum Therapy),
  • Quantum Cleaning and Harmonization of Living Spaces,
  • Feng Shui Harmonization of Living Spaces,
  • Hypnotherapist,
  • Timeline Therapy Practitioner.

What does the training consist of?

First Day Program:

  • History of Emotional Harmonization.
  • Learning energetic cleansing.
  • Why and how to ground oneself properly.
  • Initiatory grounding exercise.
  • General mechanism of our emotional problems.
  • Identifying the true causes of our discomfort.
  • Introduction to Emotional Harmonization.
  • Applying Emotional Harmonization to oneself and one’s own issues.

Second Day Program:

  • How to identify the causes of a problem in a person.
  • How to apply Emotional Harmonization to a person.
  • Applying Emotional Harmonization at a distance.
  • Incorporating Emotional Harmonization into your current practice (Sophrology, Hypnosis, etc.).
  • How to promote yourself and build your clientele.
  • Quantum energy healing for the group.



Oct 2023


Nov 2023

Limited to 10 participants.


Déc 2023

Limited to 10 participants.

How to register?

To register for the sessions, it is best to call me at 0622788578.


€280 per person

(€110 non-refundable deposit upon registration. The remainder is due on the first day)


37 Rue d’Aguesseau
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

4 minutes walk from Boulogne Jean Jaurès metro station, line 10.



“I found this training to be so mind-blowing! So magical! So powerful… and so easy to use.
I use it a lot and I couldn’t do without it anymore…”

“I greatly appreciated these two days of training offered by Régis Grouard on Emotional Harmonization
Very professional, authentic, and caring at the same time…”

“When I took the EH training, I was able to do it in two sessions.
I found the content very accessible. The advantage is that you don’t need to develop extraordinary abilities…”