I went to Regis’ office after following the recommendations of my sports friends. I had just broken up with my boyfriend, and for the past few months, I had been going from therapist to therapist in the hope of finding a method that would help me overcome this ordeal and move forward. In fact, I had just finished a three-year therapy following a painful divorce, and I wanted something radical. I had tried all sorts of avant-garde therapies or ones that were supposed to be a bit “revolutionary” in vain. I had tried Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and even EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) used on Vietnam War veterans.

That’s why my friends recommended Regis to me: “Stop wasting your money on all these charlatans! This guy is amazing! He changed my life in three sessions (…) He will help you find your path! (…) You’ll be so much better thanks to him, and you won’t need to see anyone else anymore! (…)” All the comments were raving. So, I visited his website, including the testimonials, just like you reading these lines. And I went there, somewhat skeptical. Well, all these praises are well deserved. Regis is VERY attentive, extraordinarily available and responsive. He doesn’t count his time or the energy he devotes to you.

In Paris (where more than 75% of therapists focus on the cash register rather than the heart), that’s priceless! But the real strength of Regis is his ability to accompany us, even guide us towards positivity and “deprogram” (if I may use a wordplay related to the aforementioned EMDR) our toxic and negative thoughts that block us and prevent us from moving forward. Regis is insightful; he quickly analyzes and understands the situations presented to him and, through his guidance, allows us to unravel them quickly. He is frank, highly professional, and conscientious. He accompanies us in taking control of our well-being by teaching us how to see the “glass half full” (always with the idea of reprogramming our ways of perceiving the world around us). His positivity is contagious.

In other testimonials, I had read that patients left his office with a smile on their faces, feeling lighter as if a burden had been lifted. I felt exactly the same way. Even today, his words sometimes accompany me in my daily life. So, yes! Regis is somewhat esoteric, and some of his statements still puzzle me to this day, but the results are there! And isn’t that all that matters? Thank you again for your great professionalism and your generosity/availability. Best regards.