I met someone who recommended Régis to help me with my self-confidence issues. When I went to see him, I was very apprehensive. The previous therapists I had seen hadn’t helped me or told me that I didn’t need help and that it would come back naturally… Régis, on the other hand, made me feel comfortable right from the start. We talked about various things, focusing on my confidence problem and other issues that I hadn’t even suspected existed.

After the session, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. My eyes were swollen from the emotions that had come out, but I had a smile on my face, as if I was smiling at this new beginning, this new life that awaited me… Régis is very available for his patients. I called him once because I was dumped right after experiencing the death of a close cousin. Even over the phone, he managed to calm my anxieties and help me accept what had just happened. I went back to see Régis one month later for a completely different issue… I can’t stand the sight of blood… In daily life, it’s not something I see very often, but when the discomfort happens in a movie because of a scene with blood, it’s not pleasant at all… So, I worked with Régis on this problem and finally discovered the reason behind it, which surprised me a lot.

Now, I no longer faint at the sight of blood. As proof, today my two dogs were playing rough and one bit the other’s ear. When she shook herself, blood splattered all over her snout (on a white dog, you can’t miss it). My reaction wasn’t to faint or feel disgust. Nothing happened; I was so proud of myself! And all thanks to Régis. So, I recommend him to all my friends who have confidence issues or phobias. Régis, thank you so much for everything!