I am a 45-year-old man who has had major issues with depression, alcohol, violence, and many complications with women due to a very tough and violent childhood with little love. Having tried all kinds of therapies, which all helped me make great progress but left me with deep anxieties and a fear of succeeding in life, thinking I didn’t deserve it, I reached the end of what is possible to heal. I even had a stay at the Saint Anne hospital, unable to find a way out, and a friend gave me the contact information of Mr. Regis Grouard, who changed my life in a very short time.

I am no longer afraid of succeeding, of showing my feelings, and I am no longer afraid of women. I have detached myself from the negative influence of my loved ones. Even though I know I will have to take care of myself for the rest of my life and remain highly sensitive, I accept it. Now, with Regis’ work, I am no longer the same person at all. Everything is falling into place for me, and I am progressing rapidly. I want to thank Regis again for the work he has done with me and for his simplicity and kindness. Trust him, and your life will change. Best wishes to everyone! A survivor of life.