Since my first trip, I have always had a fear of flying. The idea of being in the sky is not normal for me. I also have a fear of heights. Regis asked me questions about these fears and my feelings while making me stand on a table on his balcony. I was terrified. It took me half an hour to be able to answer the questions. At the end of the session, I went back to the balcony table, and I was no longer afraid!! I couldn’t believe it!! Later, I went to New Zealand, and I had some slight apprehension on the plane, but nothing compared to what I used to feel.

In Wanaka, I went skydiving, and I wasn’t scared at all: takeoff, jump, everything was fine. I never would have imagined doing something like that. I also used to have a lot of nightmares. I dreamt that people wanted to kill and rape me. I would wake up screaming and sweating in the middle of the night. I went through the same process with Regis, and since then, I sleep very well. don’t remember my dreams, and I don’t wake up. I’m not exactly sure of the details of what Regis does, but I have to say it really works well!