Having received an academic education, I was skeptical when I first heard about Régis Grouard’s work. Honestly, finding the Inner Tree and solving my problems with his help seemed too good to be true. Would it really work? What if he couldn’t help me? After a painful divorce and other family problems that had been present for over 20 years, I was ready to try something different. Dressed elegantly, Régis is not your usual therapist. I almost canceled my appointment an hour before because I was so nervous. But there was no reason to be nervous. Régis has a unique gift, a kindness.

His well-studied method helps his clients identify and eliminate their deepest fears. The theory is based on the idea that all the problems we encounter in our daily lives are connected to something deeper from our childhood or youth. Searching for these key moments is hard work. You really have to be ready to confront your problems. With Régis’s help and open-mindedness, it’s possible, and it’s really worth it.

In my case, it took a few hours, a lot of tissues, and great fatigue after the session. But after a week, things started to change in my life. I gradually realized that I didn’t have the same reactions to certain situations and certain people. These reactions were new, different, and better. I let go of the past and looked towards the future.

Six months later, my life is unrecognizable. I am so much more open and positive, constantly looking for new opportunities to move forward and be a better person. Before my first session with Régis, I wished someone had been there to hold me in their arms, to tell me that everything would be fine and that I shouldn’t be afraid. That’s what I want