Quantum Therapy Collective sessions

Changes at the karmic, trans-generational, and other imbalances related to this current life.

Access to collective care is reserved for individuals who have received at least one individual session or participated in a training!

Since March 2019, my energetic configuration allows me to offer quantum therapy sessions to about ten people at the same time. During these group sessions, we will be able to address karmic, transgenerational, and other imbalances related to your current life.
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Difference between collective and individual care

Group sessions will have some limitations compared to individual sessions in terms of accessing certain blockages, but they will still allow for significant purification work on our subtle bodies. It is entirely possible that collective care is sufficient to address certain issues.

Collective care represents approximately 30% of an individual session.

Combining collective and individual care for personal growth

I see these two approaches as complementary. Due to their lower cost and higher frequency, collective sessions are more accessible and can be repeated weekly if necessary. This allows for rapid progress without having to wait for a free slot for an individual session, which can sometimes take 2 or 3 months.

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The intention is the same as an individual session. You can set an intention on a specific subject and simply ask for what needs to be done, letting your soul take care of the rest. I will allocate time for questions before and after the session if needed.

The session lasts approximately 45 minutes, during which you simply need to close your eyes and allow the energy to do its work.




Limited to 10 participants.



Limited to 10 participants.



Limited to 10 participants.

How to register?

To register for the sessions, it is best to call me at 0622788578.


€30 per person


37 Rue d’Aguesseau
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

4 minutes walk from Boulogne Jean Jaurès metro station, line 10.